Friday, March 28, 2008

Making growboxes what material to use?

I am getting ready to build grow boxes. Redwood and/or cedar are very
expensive. Can I use treated lumber for this? I can get 2"x8"x16'
for < $10. Or do you have suggestions of where to get inexpensive

You can use treated lumber, or you can use regular pine. It will last a lot longer if you paint it first - inside and out - with a good exterior paint.

In some places around the world people use a chain saw and cut up their trees. A fabulous garden in Popayan, Colombia is perched on a hillside, with many of the beds held in place with slabs of wood from the big trees they cut down to eliminate the shade.

Jim Kennard
Jim Kennard

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Using material between your soil beds yes of no?

Jim and/or group,

1. Would it be advisable to lay something between the grow boxes/beds
to help keep weeds down? I have some rubber like black material (roofing) that I could use. Would that provide a breeding place for bugs, etc and not
a good idea?

2. Has anyone use 8 ounce "coffee" (throw away) cups for the transition
stage of seedlings form sprout tray to larger container?


Nelson & Group:

We don't recommend using anything except E. & O. (early and often) Weeding.

The coffee cups should be okay, unless they have coffee grounds in them.

Jim Kennard

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nitrogen fertilizers

Hey Jim and group, my name is Bill. This is my first post in this
group. I am from the Saint Louis, Missouri area, and mainly doing
gardening by small containers. I live in a subdivision of Villas with
limited space. I have a question about the nitrogen compounds in
fertilizers. What is the difference between Ammonium Nitrate and Urea
Fertilizer? I know urea is 46% nitrogen, but will it work in place of
ammonium nitrate in the weekly-feed formula?

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Home fertilizer mix how to make it

Hi all
I live I St.Maarten and I would like to start my garden. I am able
to get the following fertilizers in 4 lb bags. I would like to know
how to mix these to get the right proportion for the fertilizer mix
that was created by Mr. Mitleider.

Ammonium Sulphate- 21-0-0
Nitrate of Soda- 16-0-0
Thriple Super Phosphate- 0-45-0
Muriate of Potash- 0-0-60
Mule Team Borax
Magnesium Sulphate
I know that I would have to buy the Minors Mix to add to this. If
these are recommended can you please tell me the weight and if I
have to add anything else. For the preplant mix can I use crushed
gypsum board that goes by the trade name 'sheet rock'? I am
following the guide on the website.


Larry & Group:

Buy and mix the following:
21-0-0 - 52.4#
0-45-0 - 13.3#
0-0-60 - 18.3#
Epsom S- 10#
Borax - 10 Ounces.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mittleider gardening where to start?

Hi JIm- As you know, i am new to the Mettleider Method of Gardening,
and I am not quite sure where to start to learn the Method. I have read
lots from all the web sites, but still not sure what exactly
the "Method" is. Could you give me some direction as to where to start
to learn the method and what I should be doing now to get things ready
for planting.


The best place to start is the Learn section at www.growfood. com. That contains the complete Mittleider Gardening Basics book, which is the result of a collaberation among several Brigham Young University educators and Dr. Mittleider.

To get started, consider planting indoors with Grow-Lights. I've written several short articles here and in the FAQ section of the website that describe that process.

Jim Kennard

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