Thursday, November 20, 2008

Where can I get seeds for my garden?

Wondering if seeds will be hard to find next spring so want to stock up now.


You can get a #10 can of heirloom garden seeds from the Foundation, if you need or want that many. It's 22.5 ounces, will plant 6 tenths of an acre, and it costs $39.95. I suggest everyone who's thinking of stocking up on true-to-variety seeds look at the file I just posted to the Files section of this group, and consider getting a can from the Foundation Store at www.foodforeveryone .org/store.

Most folks don't need this quantity, unless they are into emergency preparedness. Several good seed companies have an online presence, and I recommend you look at their catalogs.

Jim Kennard

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Can I use seawater for my garden?

: Seawater is very stable at about 3.5% total mineral salts. However, water near the surface and near the shores is below that percentage.

Furthermore, Dr. Murray diluted the seawater in his experiments;
According to this document it appears he used 12% seawater, 88% fresh
water, along with some NPK*, iron and acid to balance the pH:
http://www.seaagri. com/hydroponicsformulas.pdf

* According to this website, NPK was added for hybrid crops. I wonder
what heirloom plants would do? (They would benefit every bit as much as hybrids - JK)

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