Saturday, December 15, 2007

Food for Everyone Foundation web 2.0 contact information

If you are a member of any of the following please contact us via the individual service example on all our Squidoo lenses there is a contact me button in the upper left hand corner.

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Squidoo id Steveffeo






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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Making portable greenhouses with PVC pipe

I'm going to be running two 30' rows through a small
strip of my back yard that does get a little sun (most
is too shady to garden in). I picked up six 10' lengths
of PVC and couplers to go on and make two lengths of
pipe but haven't glued them together yet. We are renting
this place, so instead of installing ground pipe, I was
planning to use a cross piece with a hose fitting and
quick connect at one end (between the two rows) to just
plug the hose up to water the rows.

Now we find out we may have to move next summer, which
means another year where I may be paralyzed in terms of
establishing a garden. So I'm wondering if it's possible
to put together the pipes (with the drilled holes)
without gluing on the couplers so they can be broken
down and moved if need be. I was planning to put
threaded elbows on the ends of the end-pipes to screw
cross pieces (so the whole pipe thing is a 30' long
rectangle with the water going in on one end). But
gluing these pipes together will make them pretty
impossible to move.


Diane & Group: Just glue threaded ends - male and female - on your pipes at 10' intervals, or any length you want. Then take them apart and bring them with you when you move.

Jim Kennard

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

How to grow in rocky soil

Arlene & Group:
I shouldn't have ignored the issue of rocks in Arlene's soil and acted as if they didn't matter at all. Any of us who have dealt with rocks in our gargens know they DO matter, and need to be dealt with.May I suggest there is some relief available when using the Mittleider Method: Once you have built your 18"-wide soil beds you only have to remove the rocks from that portion of the garden.If you organize your garden as recommended, with 3 1/2' aisles and 5' end aisles you will be removing rocks from only about 25% of your garden area.As an example, if you have a garden plot of 50' X 110' you could have 30 - 30'-long soil-beds. That amounts to 1350 square feet out of a total garden space of 5500 square feet, and you need only remove rocks from 24.5% of your garden.Look on the bright side!Jim KennardP.S. I still assert that your plants will thrive in even rocky soil when you follow the feeding regimen we teach and demonstrate. An example can be seen in videos and pictures of a place in Northern California called Wiemar. We had to use a pick-axe to make room in the shale for our tomato transplants, and they thrived and did wonderfully well in spite of everything.Jim

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