Monday, February 26, 2007

Replacement for Gardens amonia sulfate

I live in san antonio,texas. I was looking for ammonium nirate, butthey do not sell that here in Texas, but they do sell 21-0-0 ammonium sulfate. But this kill worms the man who work's at Home Depot said.thank you:

The website www.howtoorganicgar is a "sister" site that was set up to be able to sell the digital downloads of the gardening books. You can get 5 of the books and the 9 manuals as digital downloads for 20% less than the actual books, plus there is no shipping and handling or sales taxes involved.Ammonium sulfate - 21-0-0 - will not kill beneficial worms in the amounts we use it in a Mittleider garden. Every fertilizer is salt, including manure, and if you apply salt in too great concentration to an area it can hurt plants and worms both. In a soil-bed 30' long by 18" wide we apply only 8 ounces of straight 21-0-0 after transplanting. That amount contains aboout 3 OUNCES of actual nitrogen - and the dirt in that soil bed weighs over 3,000 POUNDS. That is 1 part in 48,000, or about 20 parts per million, and it is NOT harmful to either plants or worms.Jim Kennard