Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Better get fertilizer while you can

We suggest you order nutrients Now the prices will have to go up.

From The Farmers' Guardian,
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> Fertiliser at a price if you can get it
> News | 28 November, 2007 By Howard Walsh
> A LOGISTICAL supply problem with fertilisers in spring 2008 is now
> a reality not a possibility, say fertiliser companies.
> World demand is outstripping supply and farmers are being advised
> not only to make sure they have ordered what they need, but to take
> delivery and make sure they have it.
> "This coming season, the most likely situation is a shortage,” said

> Yara’s England and Wales business manager Steven Chisholm.
> World demand for grain production for both feed and biofuel was
> currently outstripping supply and that was driving the demand for
> fertilisers.
> "All I would say is order it and get it delivered ownership will
> be nine tenths of the law this spring.
> At GrowHow UK, the recently formed Kemira/Terra joint venture
> operation, marketing manager Ken Bowler said we were living in
> “unprecedented times” as far as the fertiliser market was
> "We are sold forward for a few months now and are not actually
> offering product at the moment but we will re-issue prices when we
> have a better fix on the situation,” he said.
> "There is very good reason this year for having a soil anlaysis
> done and therefore not spending money on a type of fertiliser you
> might not need,” he said.
> Importer Gleadell said there was no end in sight to the uptrend in
> urea many markets were still very short of material for spring 2008.
> "India still need to buy more tonnes for December and with time and
> product running out fast in China expect this bull run to continue
> well in to 2008,” said a spokesman.
> And while UK farmers might be cringing at current prices, they were
> even higher in some markets and ammonium nitrate for example was
> not arriving in any volumes as vessels went elsewhere to more
> lucrative destinations than the UK.
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