Sunday, September 16, 2007

Training Squash to grow Verticle is it possible?

I pounded fence posts at the four corners of my squash beds and ran rings of baling twine around it. The squash vines have climbed up the twine until they are almost as tall as I am. I'm sure pruning would also be beneficial, but I didn't think of it. But it sure looks pretty to have a four-foot tall bed of squashes. The squashes don't seem to mind hanging down from the twined vines, either. I've posted a couple more pictures so you can see. It gave me someplace to train the long vines and keep them out of the aisles.

I've learned how to prune cucumbers and melons this year, so I guess it wouldn't be very different to prune the squashes. I'd like more information on pruning and training the peppers, though. Mine were doing really well until the weight of the fruit has pulled them over and broken some of the stems. I'm sure that would have been prevented had they been climbing a support.

So much to learn, but it's fun to see the improvements transform my garden. Thanks.

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