Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Drilling pvc pipe for automated watering

I have been drilling some of the PVC pipes today with the #57 drill
and I thought Id give you a report. After marking the pipe with pencil
and wood block I marked 4" intervals and away I went drilling. I
drilled nearly 800 #57 holes and did not break even one bit.

I used a Dremmel tool I have with a #57 bit sold by them. All I needed
was an attachment to hold the small bit in place (cheap)and I was all
set. I could drill as fast as I wanted. I used the thin walled pvc but
with this tool SCH 40 wouldnt be a threat either. I had heard many
talk about breaking the small bits when they made up their pipes so I
ordered several just in case. At this rate one or two would be all
that I needed.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Next years Mittleider garden

Well I plan on increaseing my garden times two, I should yield over 800 lbs of tomatoes, 200 lbs of peppers, 200 lbs of cukes.

Going to sell and donate most of it