Thursday, August 10, 2006

How to Make your own organic fertilizer

The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental
Sciences recommends blood meal and bone meal as organic sources for
nitrogen and phosphorus. These are usually fairly high in those
elements, but rather expensive for the fertilizer value received.

UG also recommends Sulfate of Potassium Magnesia (0-0-22) as the
preferred source for organic potassium. Go figure - it is a mineral
fertilizer, so far as I know.

If you were to be so lucky as to find these materials at
inexpensive, close-out prices they could be used to make the
Mittleider Magic fertilizer (or even if they're expensive, I

The ideal ratio of N, P, and K is 110-60-110, and so you would just
mix 8.6# 12-0-0, 5.7# 4-12-0, and 5.7# of 0-0-22 for your 20# of
NPK. Then you would add a packet of micro-nutrients from the Food
For Everyone Foundation website at plus 3# of Epsom
Salt from your pharmacy.

If you can't find 0-0-22 I recommend 0-0-50, or potassium sulfate.
If you find that plus the N & P, you could use 10# 12-0-0, 7# 4-12-
0, and 3# 0-0-50 for your 20# of NPK.

However, buying a $6 20# bag of 16-16-16 is lots easier, and gives
the same results when mixed with the micro-nutrients and Epsom Salt.