Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My new Mittleider garden

I am so excited all the plants are about 3-5 inches tall I have six varieties of tomatoes, and five varieties of Peppers, mostly hot, Habaneros, Jalepeno, Chinese Giant sweets, Yellow sweet bananna peppers.

As usual I will have garlic, horseradish, and even going to do some mellons this year. Next year I will increase the size of the garden again.

The thing is I could have 9 greenhouses in my backyard based on the Food for Everyone Foundation guide. Now how in the heck can I get my landlord to say yes and help me build them:):) He owns a construction company.

Many pictures to follow both here on the Squidoo lenses, the HTOG site and ofcourse the main www.foodforeveryone.org main website.

Jim is in Armenia currently, man that guy has a big heart, and nerves of steel, dangerous place, and all to help others. Jim is definately a role model to follow.

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