Monday, March 24, 2008

Home fertilizer mix how to make it

Hi all
I live I St.Maarten and I would like to start my garden. I am able
to get the following fertilizers in 4 lb bags. I would like to know
how to mix these to get the right proportion for the fertilizer mix
that was created by Mr. Mitleider.

Ammonium Sulphate- 21-0-0
Nitrate of Soda- 16-0-0
Thriple Super Phosphate- 0-45-0
Muriate of Potash- 0-0-60
Mule Team Borax
Magnesium Sulphate
I know that I would have to buy the Minors Mix to add to this. If
these are recommended can you please tell me the weight and if I
have to add anything else. For the preplant mix can I use crushed
gypsum board that goes by the trade name 'sheet rock'? I am
following the guide on the website.


Larry & Group:

Buy and mix the following:
21-0-0 - 52.4#
0-45-0 - 13.3#
0-0-60 - 18.3#
Epsom S- 10#
Borax - 10 Ounces.

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