Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Growbox sizes 18 inches 4 feet or five feet??

Jim this is something I still get confused about. (sorry)

My thought is always go with 18 inch growboxes because it allows you
to prune properly the plants get the amount of sun they need and the
roots get space to grow.

How does a person get to the inner sides of the plants to prune with
the 4 four beds? I understand that 4 foot beds still work ok, but I
am going for 100% max. yields.

I could see a 6.5 foot bed with 3.5 feet in the middle but that seems
like a waste of soil material.


Steve & Group:

Sometimes pruning the two inside rows of plants in a 4'-wide box can be a challenge. That's one of the reasons Jacob Mittleider changed his standard-size box from 5'-wide to 4'-wide. The gains from having the same number of plants in 4', instead of 5' usually makes the extra effort worth it.

For plants that are grown only 2 rows in a 4'-wide box it's not much problem, obviously, just reach around to the back side of the plant.

Jim Kennard

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