Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mittleider gardening where to start?

Hi JIm- As you know, i am new to the Mettleider Method of Gardening,
and I am not quite sure where to start to learn the Method. I have read
lots from all the web sites, but still not sure what exactly
the "Method" is. Could you give me some direction as to where to start
to learn the method and what I should be doing now to get things ready
for planting.


The best place to start is the Learn section at www.growfood. com. That contains the complete Mittleider Gardening Basics book, which is the result of a collaberation among several Brigham Young University educators and Dr. Mittleider.

To get started, consider planting indoors with Grow-Lights. I've written several short articles here and in the FAQ section of the website that describe that process.

Jim Kennard

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