Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Removing grass for a garden space

What is the best method to remove grass (have no clue what type) from
an area intended to be turned into a garden?

Marie & Group:

All grasses are perennial and have rhyzomes and runners, which must be removed from the garden. Remove grass as sod, as if you were going to transplant it somewhere else, and do so if you can use it to advantage - or give it to a neighbor. This means that you will be doing like the sod farmers and digging it up roots and all.

If you fail to do this, and instead just till the grass into the soil underneath, you will suffer indefinitely! We have personal experience with this in our family, and it is a very unhappy situation, with the grass CONSTANTLY causing problems.

Many people choose to use Roundup, or cover the area with black plastic. We much prefer to remove it naturally once and for all.

Jim Kennard

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