Sunday, April 13, 2008

Createing a soiless mixture

Hi Jim and everyone, I have a little problem that I never had with my
regular garden soils. I am using "Pro Mix" by Premier Horticulture,
its thier Professional Mix. I think there is a draining problem or
this mix retains too much water. The plant germinate great in this and
grow really good after I transplant, but about 2 weeks after the
transplant my plants are turning light light green and just wilt and
wither away. I have all plants inside under flouresent lights for
plants. I have a soil meter, and it is showing a real wet condition
(peggingg out the meter). The ph is 7.0 and according to my fertilizer
meter I have great NPK. I have the plants transplanted into 10 inch
pots and have tried watering every day, and the same problem, then I
have tried watering once a week, and the same problem. I am now on my
third set of plants. Should I mix the potting mix with course sand?
What am I missing here?

Green Thumb

Bill & Group:

We recommend you use sawdust and sand in a 2 to 1 ratio by volume. It's even better if you put some perlite in with it - 10% is great - as a part of the sawdust portion. The Constant Feed solution of one ounce Weekly Feed to 3 gallons of water is all you have to feed them.

Maybe someone else has experience with the "Professional" mix you describe. I wouldn't use any of them.

Jim Kennard

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