Friday, April 11, 2008

Large scale Mittleider gardening yes it works.

I'm a newbie, and just love what you are doing.
I will be making some Grow Beds this gardening season
and using Mittleider Method's.
I also have some pasture land and would like to try the
Mitteider Method on 2 or 3 acres. If possible?
How much pre-plant would I use per acre?
How much Micro-nutrients per acre?
How often?


Hillwert & Group:

If you are broadcasting you need 1,000 pounds per acre. If you are applying it into just the bed area you need 500 pounds (250 30' beds per acre).

Do not use the micro-nutrients by themselves. They are only to be used after mixing with the proper amount of NPK and magnesium sulfate.

Weekly Feed is applied in 1/2 the quantities Pre-Plant is, but it's applied several times. If you were growing wheat you would apply 500# if broadcasting, and 250 if applying just to the planted areas.

Jim Kennard

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