Monday, April 14, 2008

Using particle board sawdust in your Mittleider garden Yes or No?

About twenty years ago, I was renovating a lawn on rental property. The
heavy, clay soil needed some help, as water would run off the lawn and down
the street instead of soaking in, and I tilled in several yards of sawdust
and added nitrogen to compensate for the drain sawdust can create while it
decomposes. The cabinet shop was making their products out of industrial
grade particle board, which uses a much higher level of glue than plywood
does, and the owner didn't want to give me sawdust, as he said it would
poison the ground, and nothing would grow. Before finishing the project, I
came down with pneumonia, then spinal meningitis. I was out of the loop for
months on end. The portion of the ground with the sawdust grew more
luxuriantly and much more darkly green than the rest of the lawn, even
though I fertigated (application of diluted fertilizer while watering) the
entire lawn. At no point did I experience any adverse effects from the

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