Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Marines and Iraqi's need your help


We leave today for Armenia and the Republic of Georgia to work on
projects in those countries. We expect to return to the States by the
middle of June, unless something extends our work.

Such as: I received a note from a father of a marine in Iraq
yesterday, whose unit is trying to assist a village of 25,000 Iraqi's
grow fresh food for their sustenance. It's a desert community in the
SouthEast of the country, they are in extreme poverty, and all fresh
food is imported from Jordan.

The Marines are asking for our assistance, and they obviously have no
money but what the guys can give out of their own pockets. We want to
help them as much as possible, and will be donating our materials and
time. If they could get me there I'd even assist them on the ground,
with such things as building and growing in a greenhouse, etc.

If any of you feel like sharing your own means toward helping these
Iraqi villagers grow their own food I invite you to go to the website,
www.growfood. com, click on Donate, and give what you can.

Any donations will be used for this project unless you tell us
otherwise. And all donations received ALWAYS go to projects - not to
salaries and overhead, as there are no salaries and little overhead,
which is covered by the sale of books, etc.

Remember us in your prayers, will you?

Jim & Araksya Kennard


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Anonymous Sayat said...


I am very interested in working on gardening projects in Armenia. I am an Armenian from Istanbul, Turkey who wants to participate in such work. Could you please send me some information on the kind of project that you worked on and the related opportunities of participation and help?

Thank you in advance.

4:28 AM  

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