Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gardening in Fiji

Bula Jim
I've been through twice on the training discs x 4 you sent me.I intend to go through five times before I begin to& nbsp;farm.

Can you advise me on the following:
1.Is it permissable to spray the bush and burn the dry weeds?
2.We intend to grow the eight acres with veges and root crops.
3.We thought to have fish ponds on the remaining two acres.Do you recommend?
4.Can you supply us with a Garden Master Mittleider Pro Version disc for my training?Please advise the cost.
5.May we have the price list of all the nutrients necessary to provide the plants.

Thank you for your continued support. CHEERS !!
With kind regards,

Fani & Group:

I would certainly burn the weeds, but that is not all - you must also remove the rhyzomes and runners of all perennial weeds. These won't be killed with surface burning, and they'll give you fits if you don't get rid of them.

With what are you proposing to spray the bush? Why not cut them down and/or burn them also?

I know nothing about fish farming - any among the Group who can advise him?

The Garden Master CD is $29.95 plus shipping.

I'm sorry that I can't give you a price list for the nutrients where you are. Even here in Utah, in the USA, they change constantly. I recommend you look at the list, then check with the closest good source of fertilizers for prices.

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