Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thank you for all your hard work

The article in the women's magazine was exciting! Great work.

I also wanted to say thank you!. I live in Weston Idaho. This past year I
was gone so much during the weeks but home on the weekends. I had planted
my garden as a Mittlieder garden with the 30 foot rows with 31/2 feet
between the rows. My garden grew beautiful.

I loved the mittleider method because my children are assigned a part of the
garden and they keep it weeded and then we pay them for the produce that
comes out of their part of the garden. It makes a win for me and a win for
them! I get fresh produce that I might have had to spend money at the store
for and they get a little spending money too. The Mittleider Method makes it
so easy for the children when it is kept up.

I couldn't believe how well the garden produced this year. It was nearly
weed free just being weeded with the loop hoe (not sure the correct name at
the moment--the one that is sold on the food for everyone site) when we were
home on the weekends. The time weeding was very minimal.

At Thankgiving I had a man tell me that I had the most beautiful garden this
year. He said he couldn't believe how large the onions were and how good
that everything looked. He said it looked so healthy and beautiful. While we
were gone during the week we allowed people to share our garden and so many
hands helped to keep the produce from going to waste. Which I loved
because I felt that I was feeding the hungry something very good for their

After sharing so much of the garden, there was still so much left--amagine
that. :) It was a blessing from the Lord. He provided for our family as well
as for other families.

For thanksgiving it was fun to still have fresh squash, potatoes, tomatoes,
onion, peppers, beets which I was able to store. My dehydrator was
constantly going this year as we would have extra and I wanted to be a good
steward over all the Lord had blessed me with. Now I have enjoyed so much
using what I dehydrated. So fun to make salsa at Thanksgiving with fresh
produce out of my garden...you have to understand that my garden was picked
quite some time ago (end of September 1st of October).

Thank you for helping our family be more healthy and helping us enjoy the
fruits of our labor. How blessed we are for having you share Dr. M's
knowledge and experience with us!

I wish you much success in all you do.

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