Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Can I use old tires to make my raised beds?

You may want to check out this URL:

http://www.noble. org/ag/horticult ure/raisedbedgar dening/RecycledT ireBeds.html

I have been using old tires for planting beds for about 20 years now
and have nothing
but good things to say about them.

Another resource that you may want to check out:

"Tire Recycling Is Fun" book by Paul Farber (do a Google search)

Hope this helps you...

Glen Mentgen

--- In MittleiderMethodGar dening@yahoogrou, Tim Randles
> I was thinking about using used tires to build up the beds, cut in
> half like a pie ("C" shaped )and bolting them together to make a
> series of beds, there is a huge supply of these tires available free
> locally, and the cost/benefit/ effort to cut and drill and bolt is
minimal compared
> to other methods which would deteriorate over time ( except stone).
> Stacked 3 or 4 rows high, it could be a nice retainer for raised
> beds..clean, long lasting, inexpensive. .
> I have a very large dugout and was originally thinking of using the
tires as
> a retaining wall around the outside of it, and it occured to me
that it
> would possibly work as raised beds on flat and sloped grounds if I
cut and bolt them together
> I'm sure there are pro's and con's to it, and since there isn't
> new under the sun, maybe someone here has info on this kind of
> and can pass it on?
> Cheers.. Tim

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