Monday, November 03, 2008

How to help us spead the message about the Mittleider method of sustainable garden.

Knowledge of the Mittleider Method of sustainable gardening makes you
one of the "vital few," and with that knowledge comes both opportunity
and responsibility.

In The Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell describes how a few people can
make a tremendous positive difference for everyone else, which he
compares to an epidemic.

You need to help Start An Epidemic of Family Gardening - Why?

Because your garden can FEED you -- even when:
• Your car won't run because there's no gasoline (or you can't afford
to buy it) ...
• There's no food to buy in the stores ... or
• There's no money (or not enough) to buy food for whatever reason.

This is the overriding reason why the message YOU carry is so vital
for everyone.

And gardening should be sustainable, using true, proven principles and
the best methods and techniques, so it will yield the "most bang for
the buck," and be worthwhile and enjoyable for the long term.

The Mittleider Method can feed you and those around you! It can give
you "the garden you'd want if your life depended on it." And it very
well may.

The best growing principles, methods and procedures have been the
closely guarded secrets of the large field and hydroponic growers,
meanwhile, the large majority of gardening families are back in the
19th century, using only manure and compost, scared into believing
that ANY use of "chemicals" will threaten their health, or even their

What makes the Mittleider Method so unique - and so vitally important
- is that it teaches the best principles, methods, and techniques used
by large commercial and hydroponic growers, but adapted to the small
family garden. It works in any soil, and in almost any climate. The
procedures are easy to learn, simple and straightforward.

In addition, the Mittleider Method eliminates the problems so often
associated with large-scale commercial food production, such as
overuse of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, high cost, and lack
of freshness and flavor.

Now here's your opportunity ... and my challenge to you!

Great changes have always been initiated by just a few people who knew
what they wanted, were focused, and were willing to share their
knowledge with everyone they could influence.

I challenge each of you to be among the "vital few" who help people
around you improve their lives while preparing for the uncertainties
of the future.


By promoting, teaching, and demonstrating what you're learning about
the Mittleider Method of sustainable gardening, and getting others to
do the same.

Choose a group of people with whom you have a genuine, social
relationship. Your church group, email list, gardening club, voting
district, family, or neighborhood association are all good places to

Show them your own garden. Tell them of your own success. Loan them a
book or CD. Offer to teach a seminar. Point out the benefits of
learning and doing it NOW, before their need is urgent and it's too
late to learn or prepare.

Share articles, tips and advice from the Food for Everyone Foundation
Website. Share back issues of Sustainable Gardening Ezine and
encourage people to subscribe.

Even if you do nothing more than persuade them to buy a can of
vegetable seeds and a couple bags of fertilizer, you've done
tremendous good. A triple-sealed #10 can of 16 heirloom vegetable
varieties that can be stored for many years can be purchased at the
Foundation website www.growfood. com or at www.mvseeds. com.

Do something NOW! Make your voice heard, and your influence felt. You
CAN make a difference for good in the world around you.

It's time to spread an epidemic ... (Not bird flu. The gardening "bug!")

We can do it. And remember: "out of small things proceedeth that which
is great."

Thanks for your interest in gardening, your willingness to do it
right, and your courage to share.

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