Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How to learn about the Mittleider method of gardening

I want to know where to start with doing this type of gardening. Ihave read about its success but I don't really understand what it'sall about. Do I need to buy a book and if so which one would yourecommend or is there enough info on this website?I want to grow organic fruits and vegetables and some plants andshrubs but mostly fruits and vegetables. I have had a vegetable gardenbefore but I wouldn't say I was very experienced but I have had success.Thanks everyone

There really is a wealth of information available to all of you FREE.For beginners I would recommend you study the Learn section of the website at www.foodforeveryone .org. this is a free ebook consisting of the Mittleider Gardening Basics Course.

Then read the FREE chapters from each book that are available in the Store section, under Books.Study the FAQ's, where we have about 400 short articles on many gardening subjects.And finally, read the archives of this group, where there are almost 3,000 posts - again on MANY gardening subjects.And if all else fails you can buy The Mittleider Gardening Course or one of the other great gardening books, any one or combination of which can give you the best garden in your community.Good Gardening!Jim Kennard

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