Sunday, June 10, 2007

Constant feed watering

Is it possible to do continuous feeding in the 4 x 15 Grow Boxes? If so, How
is it administered? I've read about watering with a can in seedling beds,
but this seems as though it would be somewhat tedious to water vegetables in
entire banks of grow boxes outside. Am I dreaming of the impossible or should I
be content to simply apply the nutrients by side dressing and water it in
with the watering system?

I got several grow boxes put together last year, and want to get as many put
together this year as well. My system is far from ideal, but I'm working on
it slowly, and progress comes.

Carol from Kelso

Carol & Group:

Continuous feeding is possible but probably not practical. It would entail pre-mixing the Weekly Feed in a large barrel of water - after having filtered the WF, so no particles stayed in the water to plug up the PVC watering system - and then doing your watering out of the barrel. You would use the Constant Feed solution of 1 ounce per 3 gallons of water.

Using a watering can would indeed be tedious. I would surely recommend anyone automate the watering by using the PVC pre-drilled pipes. This way your garden beds could be watered in a few minutes.

Jim Kennard"


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