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Using the Mittleider Method on tress and berries


I would like to try this methed on young fruit and nut trees but need to have more information on how much fertilizer and the time schedule for applying.


Trees love the Pre-Plant and Weekly Feed - just as vegetables do. However, they don't need it as often, because they are much slower-growing. A small tree that has just been planted could use one ounce of Weekly Feed, sprinkled on the soil surface over an area corresponding to the size of the root zone, and watered in. A large shade-tree with trunk diameter of 1' or more would be able to use 12-16 ounces applied the same way. Depending on the size of the tree, you should adjust the application between those amounts - and do it 3 or 4 times per year - always watering the nutrients into the soil thoroughly.

Pre-plant would be applied in amounts about twice as much as Weekly Feed, but just once per year.

Jim Kennard

The main stem is always the largest and longest stem. At each leaf joint, a
new small stem will start to grow. Allow this stem (on melons) to continue
growing until you see a female flower. That is the one with the tiny fruit
beginning to grow behind it. The male blossom never has fruit attached, but
grows on a narrow stem.

Take off the sucker stem beyond the first fruit-bearing female blossom.

I'm supposed to have a digital camera in the next two days. If I can figure
out how to do it, I will post some pictures

The Mittleider Method of vegetable gardening is the result of 57 years' of
world-wide experience in high-yield family-based food production by Dr.
Jacob R. Mittleider. His background (20 years) as a commercial grower of
bedding plants, followed by 37 years learning, improving, teaching, and
demonstrating as he created 75 training programs in 27 countries, have given
him a unique perspective on how to grow the most healthy food in the least
space, with the least cost and effort per unit of production. That
experience is documented in the production of 9 books and 86 video lectures.
The books are available on the website (, and as soon as we
can figure out how to do it right, we will have his video lectures on CD
and/or DVD, as well.

Dr. M. has combined, revised and adapted principles from commercial
hydroponic growing, greenhouse production, and truck farming into a
fine-tuned recipe of instructions that when followed will give you an
excellent, high-yielding garden in virtually any climate and any soil.

Comparing the Mittleider Method with traditional methods in chart form can
be helpful. You can do so by going to However, the best
way to find out is to create a Mittleider garden and experience for yourself
what it means to have more crisp, juicy, healthy vegetables in your small
home garden than you ever thought possible.

I hope everyone is working on doing that this year, and that you'll share
your successes (and your problems) with us, so that we can help you have the
greatest success possible.

My only text is Dr. Mittleider's 1975 Grow-Box Gardens book. Do I need more
up-to-date books or can I simply adapt by mixing commercial fertilizer with
the micro-nutrients from the web site?

For large gardens , mix your own from the formula on the website. Most
family-size gardens can get along fine with 16-16-16, the Micro-nutrients
from the website, and Epsom Salt from your pharmacy. Mixing instructions
are included in the Micro package.

What ratios and with what type of commercial fertilizer (the web site lists
three options) do I mix the micros for
a) the pre-planting mix and
b) the weekly nutrient mix?

If you are using the Micro-nutrients sold on the website, instructions are
included. You DO NOT add micro-nutrients to the Pre-Plant Mix. You can use
most NPK mixes with a decent degree of success. The Mittleider Magic Weekly
Feed mix is 13-8-13, so something close to that would be best.

Since I'm trying to stagger my production of lettuce, my grow box won't ever
be full. Is that OK?

It doesn't matter if the Grow-Box is full of vegi's. You might use Duct
tape on the PVC pipes if you are using them - to avoid wasting water.

How do I calculate the amount of fertilizer needed for the weekly feeds? and
If I'm going to be harvesting one row of lettuce at a time, do I simply stop
feeding that row two weeks before harvest?

Use 1 ounce of Weekly Feed for 2 feet of bed or box - usually two rows of
plants with nutrients placed between them and watered in.

Stop feeding 3 weeks before harvesting for a single-harvest crop.


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