Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The importance of water conservation what are our options

When thinking about water conservation we came to the conclusion one of the keys was a good way to collect and store the water. Seems like common sense but there are a lot of options available.

With that in mind we did an Internet wide search for the highest quality and durable rainbarrels we could find. After many hours of work we have come to one conclusion buy for quality and durability. This is a rain barrel you want to last for decades. The type you can pass down to the Grandkids like everything else that has passed the test of time. We found a young man named Aaron who sells a wonderful product.

We highly recommend Aarons products, they might seem a bit pricey at first but you will get generations of use out of them. We calculated it would take us approx. 12-18 months per rain barrel to recoup our investment.

Aarons barrels are especially useful if you have a mid sized farm or large family garden.

It the most basic sense a rain barrel is a rainwater harvesting system that is connected to a down spout tube from a house or building.

Aaron makes quality rain barrels that collect, store and divert rooftop runoff during a rain shower. Take advantage of what mother nature is giving you. On a scale of 1-10 we rate Aarons barrels a 10.


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