Sunday, March 26, 2006

Even an organic garden can use a good watering system

Instructions on building T frames or watering techniques with pvc pipe.

You're learning to grow tomatoes the way "the big boys" do it! And
if you do it right, your yield will blow you (and your neighbors)

You need one T-
Frame every 10 feet maximum. Then you can use heavy-gauge wire,
galvanized steel pipe (1/2" is adequate) or even 2 X 4's on edge -
between the t-Frames.

If you want to build a frame strong enough to support a plastic
covering in early spring and late fall, I recommend the 2 x 4's.
Then arch PVC on top using 45 degree slip fittings, and hang 6 mil
plastic over the entire structure for the world's least expensive


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