Sunday, March 26, 2006

Yikes how much should I mix of what HELP


I am confused by the multiplicity, or variances
in fertilizer formulas in the different books. I am finding one
formula in one book and different formulas in other materials.
My latest confusion stems from the "Garden Master" CD.
This has a default grow box dimension of 4 ft. by 30 ft. Naturally
for many vegetables this is wide enough to allow for two "rows" in
each box. Now the question - do I apply 16 ounces of weekly
feed fertilizer each week for each "row" OR is it 16 ounces spread
over the entire box?

Perhaps another related question - this relates particularly to
those vegetables which are planted close together thus rendering
it difficult to apply a weekly feed without actually running the risk
of burning the plants. Is it possible to take the 16 ounces of
weekly feed and dilute it in sufficient water so as to NOT burn
the plants? If so - how much water and any special dosage


Regarding the various fertilizer formulas in the books: Dr.
Mittleider constantly experimented with the natural mineral nutrients
he was using, and put the formulas he felt were best at the time in
his books as he wrote them. They all work, and will give you
success, but they were always in the process of being improved as Dr.
M. gained more experience in more countries and conditions around the
world. Therefore, the formulas on the website, on the CD, and in the
Mittleider Gardening Course are the best, being the most recent.

For a 4'-wide Grow-Box you will apply 2 - 16 ounce cans - one can
down the center of each of the two rows of plants. And when the
plants get so big that you can't easily get the fertilizers placed
between them, you could dissolve the 16 ounces in 5 gallons of water
and evenly distribute that down the length of the 30' bed, and then
water it in more thoroughly. Normal watering of a 30' bed will take
15-20 gallons, so don't forget to do this, or the salt concentration
will be stronger than you want, and could hurt the plants.

Organic gardening rules :)


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