Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Types of Sawdust NOT to use in your Organic Growboxes

To all Sawdust users:

Some folks think that because Cedar or other kinds of bark are used to keep
weeds down, sawdust from those sources will be bad for plants. This is not the
case. Bark and other types of mulch inhibit weed growth primarily by denying
light to emerging weed seedlings.

On the negative side, mulches also encourage garden pests and diseases by giving
them a cool damp place to live and multiply. We recommend you keep your garden
clean, clear, and dry, except at the root zone of your plants. When you plant
according to the Mittleider Method the close-planted vegetable plants will
quickly shade the ground and minimize water evaporation, without any need for
other ground cover.

Walnut sawdust is the only material - at least in North America - that we have
found to be a problem for vegetable plants.


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