Friday, April 28, 2006

Jim Kennard's Organic Gardening Non Profit Food For Everyone Press release 4/28/06

Press Release

The Armenian office of The World Bank is currently giving favorable consideration to a new project by the Food For Everyone Foundation, according to Mr. Jim Kennard, foundation president.

The new gardening training project will be patterned after the training facility and classes that are being conducted in the village of Getk, in the Shirak region. It will be conducted in Ashtarak, in the Aragatsotn Region of Armenia later this year and in 2007, in partnership with several families who are already trained in the Mittleider Method of gardening. These world-renowned methods often increase family gardening yields as much as 5 to 10 times those being realized by traditional methods.

The new training facility will include a large seedling greenhouse, as well as a cold-frame and hot-bed, to teach and demonstrate seedling production in ways that local families can duplicate to extend their growing season by as much as 6 to 8 weeks. Also included will be a 1/2 acre garden area of 125 30'-long soil-beds, which is large enough to make several families self-sufficient in their food production.

Families from many villages will learn how to grow crops close together to maximize yields in limited space. They will be taught the proper use of natural mineral nutrients, so their plants will be healthy and grow fast.

Vertical growing, which allows a person to grow as much as 20-30# of tomatoes on a single plant will also be introduced. This method of growing is used by hydroponic growers, but will be taught and demonstrated without the expense of hydroponic growing, and plants will be grown right in the ground and in direct sunlight, so they will have maximum flavor and all the health benefits of the best organically grown produce.

The Food For Everyone Foundation is excited at the excellent reception these training projects are receiving from the people of Armenia. The Armenian projects are the result of Dr. Jacob Mittleider's work of 40 years, and this is the 31st country to receive the benefits of this great humanitarian work.


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