Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Early Planting? Protection is Vital!

Early Planting? Protection is Vital!
1 day ago

We teach families to improve their vegetable gardening results many fold by the application of true principles, based on simple facts. For example, plants thrive in a narrow range of conditions, including temperatures above freezing and below about 100 fahrenheit. Things like frost, snow, and hail are not conducive to growing a good garden, as we were reminded last week-end. After working hard, mostly in the rain, to plant a bed of romaine lettuce and 2 beds of cabbage we had nurtured in the greenhouse for 6 weeks, we turned our attention to visiting our students in several distant villages. Monday evening when we returned to Getk we were SO sorry to discover that hail had shredded much of our cabbage - and the lettuce was not in great shape either. It's so simple to provide row covers (we prefer GH plastic over PVC or metal hoops) and totally avoid that problem - why didn't we do it?! We didn't expect hail, as it is rare in our village, and we forgot the principle that a garden is like owning a milking cow in that you have to be there morning and night taking care of business. Sigh! Hopefully the students, as well as their teacher, learned a valuable lesson.


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