Sunday, April 23, 2006

Jim Kennard latest blog post from Armenia

Growing Seedlings - A Garden Explosion
1 day ago

We started with 3 flats of seeds, which we germinated in the home, and then put under lights until we could take them to the completed greenhouse. These quickly became 35 flats of seedlings. Three more flats of seeds are now 30 flats of seedlings, for a total of about 5,000, and we've run out of seedling flats. This week we planted 5 flats of corn (only 81 per flat), and flats of about 1,000 each tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, cauliflower, lettuce, and I think I've forgotten one or two. We figure on building about 200 more flats ASAP, and we'll have the greenhouse full with overflow on the outside hardening-off tables within about two weeks! We are also seeing strong activity in the new-seedling area of our hot-bed. The design allows us to maintain warm temperatures, even when the weather outside is near freezing, so germination is fast. We'll need to transplant 2,000 plants from there in the next 10 days - but these will stay in the hot-bed, just spread out, with planting at 2 1/2"-3" intervals.

Plants In The Garden At Last!
1 day ago

We have romaine lettuce and cabbage seedlings that are ready to go into the garden, and finally this week we began planting them, with one bed of each! Of course it would have to begin raining about the same time - and it's been raining every day all week, so any planting we do is in the mud - what fun. We will either have 4 beds of each, or we'll give away the seedlings. Earlier we transplanted strawberries from another part of the garden area, but they were already outside, so we don't really count them as "new" transplants. Two beds of peas are coming up, as are beets, swiss chard, carrots, and kohl rabi.


Anonymous Anonymous said... seems you do such wonderful joyful gardening...perhaps you can help me find a couple who live outside of St. Petersburg Russia...

Yury and Galina Azovtseva...they are the most amazing gardners I have ever seen and lovely people. They are friends we have lost track of. We only want to send them an email to reconnect.

They were my husband Rick Kahn and my host (i am Alana Hunter) several visits we made to that area. I did a search of Galina's name and your site popped up but a reading of your site produced no information on them.

Thank you in advance if you can help me.


1:06 PM  

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