Monday, October 19, 2009

Transplanting radish, carrot, beets, etc. - and Corn

Transplanting root crops like carrots and parsnips is not a good
idea for at least two reasons. The time and effort is not worth it,
when the value of the crop is so small. And the result is very
poor, since you can't transplant them without disturbing the
taproot, thus causing a stunted, twisted root.

Radishes and beets do not have the problem of the tap root being
messed up, and we will sometimes transplant beets with good
success. This can be important if something is eating them as they
emerge. Radishes, however, are not valuable enough to justify the
work. And they are among the very hardiest of crops, so they will
grow well from seed in early spring or late fall weather.

Corn can also be transplanted well, and that may be a good idea if
crows, etc are stealing the germinated seeds, or if rabbits or dear
eat the tiny seedlings.

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