Saturday, August 02, 2008

Soil amendments Needed Yes or NO?

Hi everyone, My name is Tom and I live in central California in the
foothills ..I have been trying to grow a garden for several years only
to end up with nothing for my effort. I have decomposed granite for
soil and it will not grow anything except weeds. I can't even get fruit
trees to grow. I need some help, Please. The area where I want the
garden is in full sun all day, its 20 x 40 ft. All I have been able to
put in the ground is rabbit and steer manure in the past. I'm just
finding out about using other soil amendments. I would welcome some
input as I really need to raise some food. If it is allowed you may
contact me at (. Thank You

Tom: I assisted Dr. Mittleider create a large highly successful teaching and demonstration garden at the Adventist school named Weimar, 50 miles East of Sacramento, in a location where we had to use pick-axes to plant our tomatoes.

We used NO soil amendments. The folks there had previously been paying to have horse manure delivered, and paying to have pine needles taken away. Dr. Mittleider had the unused horse manure removed and used the pine needles (chopped up with a hammer mill) to grow healthy seedlings.

You can have a very successful garden in your soil simply by eliminating the weeds and then using the Mittleider Magic nutrients and watering regularly. We promise the world "a great garden in any soil (without soil amendments)" .

Jim Kennard

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