Friday, July 18, 2008

Mittleider gardening classes

Hi again with questions.

Are there ever classes taught on this method? I'd never heard of this
until I read a blog belonging to another Idahoan who does it
successfully. I think this is a wonderful gardening method, one I am
transforming my garden with!


Beth & Group:

We are only able to teach in-person classes when we get a large group together who are willing to commit substantial time to becoming gardening experts. This most often happens in the developing countries as the result of a Humanitarian Project - and takes the form of a 3 month-long intensive agronomy course.

In America we are able to get people to listen for 2-4 HOURS, and so we conduct 1/2 day seminars to groups. The seminars are free, but our costs have to be covered, so most of what we've done has been within a few hours drive of Salt Lake City, Utah in the past.

We moved to Birmingham, Alabama last year, and we are actually being asked to do a couple of seminars in Tennessee and Kentucky, so if any of you live in those states you may want to consider identifying yourselves so we can include you if we pull one or both of these off.

Meanwhile, for those who are serious about wanting to really learn and become a Master Mittleider Gardener, we have digitized Dr. Mittleider's Gardening Training Videos - about 75 of them - for $97. They can't be found on the website yet, but must be ordered directly from me - jim@growfood. com.

These are used daily in the 3 month training projects we conduct around the world, and there is a wealth of information, with something in the neighborhood of 7,500 color slides, narration, and scrolling text, and covering every facet of vegetable gardening, as well as showing gardening projects in over 20 countries around the world.

Jim Kennard

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Anonymous Mark said...

Hi Jim Kennard - Trying to Make contact with you.

I did a google with Mittleider & Alabama and came up with your site. We live here in Birmingham/ Hoover, Alabama , Al . I would love to have you contact me .I have had this book "More Food from your Garden" for a long time and last night I picked it up to read when walking on my treadmill. Then I went to the web and started reading up on the Mittleider metheds. I have small garden about 25 feet x 35 feet and would really like to see it really really produce. . I really do like gardening.

Mark Nilson

PS: I would also like to come over to your place and see your Mittleider setup.

10:05 AM  

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