Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What you can use for growbox material

I don't get clean sawdust -or sand for that matter- so, I am wondering if it OK to use the shavings they sell as "Bedding" at a nearby farm store

Shavings do not work well - as sawdust. You can, however, if you can get a GOOD chipper/shredder or hammer mill, chop them up much more finely - then screen them - and use the finest of the materials, that will by that time be almost like sawdust.

This is what you need to do with pine needles also. They are not good whole, but shredded finely they make excellent material.

Jim Kennard

NOTE Do not use anything from a Black walnut tree, they contain a chemical which tends to kill other plants around them. It is natures built in self defense mechanism.


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