Monday, October 16, 2006

When to apply preplant mix


When using the preplant fertilizer application is this application
before each sowing of a crop in a particular space or is this once a
year. It seems like adding the preplant before each crop the PH ofo
the soil will eventually get very alkaline over time since the lime
breaks down so slowly.

Apply the Pre-Plant mix one time for each crop grown. If someone actually grows 3 or 4 crops per season for an extended period of time they are very likely doing it commercially, and will be in a position to check their soil pH occasionally. I've never seen a family gardener grow several crops each year in the same space over time, and so don't believe we need to worry about that.

The greater likelihood is that a family gardener will forget or neglect to apply lime often enough, rather than too often. And you can apply a LOT of lime without hurting your soil or your plants. I know of farmers who apply a FIVE YEARS' supply at one time - although I certainly don't recommend it!

Jim Kennard


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