Sunday, May 21, 2006

How to help the Food for everyone foundation.

Food For Everyone Foundation (FFE) is trying to teach productive gardening
to families everywhere, and you can help in the following areas:

1.. If you have a website, please connect to FFE using the following:

Organic gardening

2. If you have local gardening clubs and nurseries in your area, please
contact them and tell them about FFE, give them the site URL, and ask them
to link to us.

3. Ask your local library to carry the FFE books, etc. The Foundation
webmaster is working on uploading the manuals for donation to local
libraries' websites. Also ask them to connect to the site via the code

4. Call your local universities (particularly Agriculture Departments and
Libraries) and county cooperatives; introduce the method to them; if
possible offer assistance; and as in all cases ask them to connect to the
FFE website. Universites and schools can really help people to find us.

If you are a teacher I would ask that you work with the Agriculture or
Gardening teacher to spread our message to the students.

This is another area where I can assist, by making materials available free
of charge to educational institutions (including libraries) via a digital
download. (6 Steps to Successful Gardening and The Mittleider Gardening
Course should be available in the next week to 10 days)

Thank you again for offering your help Steve. We are going to change the
world one garden and one family at a time.


Jim Kennard, President
Food For Everyone Foundation
36 North State Street, SLC, Utah 84103 - 888-548-4449
"Teaching the world to grow food one family at a time."


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