Tuesday, February 08, 2011

All time best seller Making the Best of Basics

My name is Steve Mistretta. I am assisting James Talmage Stevens (aka Doctor Prepper) in marketing his all-time, best-selling family preparedness book, Making the Best of Basics.

Basics... has sold more than 765,000 printed copies in 12 editions and 27 major printings. The 536-page print version is now available in 2 digital formats:

(1) a digital download (no-wait/no/freight) version and

(2) a CD-Rom version.

The book is available to dealers and distributors for resell at discounted rates for volume purchases. The digital versions are only available through affiliate links.

The affiliate link is free. The printed book and combination orders of the book and any digital product pay a 40% commission.

The digital download version pays 50% commission.

We are reaching out to tell people the digital version is available only through affiliates, and is not available on Amazon.com, B&N, or any other discount vendor, and is not available on any reader.

It appears your website would be a perfect fit for the Basics... affiliate program. Get more information about this free affiliate link and sign up as an affiliate at http://becomingprepared.com/.

I am here to offer technical help, if and when needed. There is a broad range of banners, skyscrapers, and text links in the autoresponder to facilitate set-up on your site.

What other social networks are you on? We can network and assist you with spreading your message further.

If I can help in any way or you have questions please contact me directly: Steve@becomingprepared.com

Thank You

Steve Mistretta

Radio Production Assistant and Social Media Manager,

Preparedness Radio Network


Making the Best of Basics


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