Sunday, December 26, 2010

Making the best of the Basics book and affiliate program

If you're new to 'prepping' and wondering where in the world to begin, or you've been at it awhile and would like to review the basics and go over your planning, this email will be one of the most important you've ever read.
Let me explain why: I've recently re-discovered a book first written in 1974 by James Talmage Stevens entitled, "Making the Best of Basics––Family Preparedness Handbook.” This best-seller is now in its 12th edition and has been re-written for a generation even further and more remotely separated from the skills of the pioneers from America's frontier.
In the book, Mr. Stevens draws on more than 36 years in the family preparedness industry and shares many personal experiences on how anyone––regardless of experience––can put together an effective plan for personal and family preparedness.
"Making the Best of Basics––Family Preparedness Handbook" is a literal treasure trove of information. You'll discover:
• How to determine if you're emotionally and mentally prepared (Chapter 1, page 3)
• The spiritual foundation you absolutely must have (Chapter 4, page 2)
• What you should have in your 3-Day+ Survival Kit (Chapter 5, page 2)
• Suggestions for organizing all your information (Chapter 6, page 3)
• How to put together your personal in-home grocery store (Chapter 7, page 1)
• How to determine what, when, and where to acquire precious metals (Chapter 28, page 4)
And much, much more. For example, you'll learn:
• How to manage your long-term storage
• Locating, purifying, and storing water
• Step-by-step guide to healthy kitchen gardening
• The basics of wheat, sourdough, and flour cookery
• In-home drying of fruits and vegetables
You’ll also learn the basics of preparing game meats, fish, and fowl. There's so much more in Making the Best of Basics––Family Preparedness Handbook that I'd like to tell you about, but I just don't have the space in this email to cover everything. Rest assured that over the course of 28 chapters you'll learn how to put together a well-rounded preparedness plan that anyone can use to prepare for natural disasters, man-caused disasters (such as terrorist attacks, economic collapse, epidemics, martial law, or even just a short-term disruption in normal life that might otherwise be catastrophic.
Just imagine how much more at peace you'll be with "Making the Best of Basics––-Family Preparedness Handbook" in your household, available even for a child to read and learn from. The peace of mind you'll have knowing that you've got a proven, time-tested guide for preparing is invaluable.
If you're going to buy just one book to help you with your preparations, this is it. To reserve your personal copy of Making the Best of Basics–––Family Preparedness Handbook, just click Click Here!
For those who prefer an electronic version, for the first time ever, this all-time preparedness industry best-seller is available in a no-wait/no-freight digital download––your digital version will be sent to you immediately! The digital version has several bonuses: many illustrations are in full color, active links go directly to additional resources, and the visible index in the margin helps you find what you need in a heartbeat! But the most exciting bonus is the 12 months’ free upgrades and updates from the soon-to-be-published Preparedness Digest will bring you additional survival, preparedness, and self-reliance information. Hurry, this FREE bonus only lasts until the end of November 2010!
One other Basics... product has just been developed––a CD-Rom version! Not only less costly than the printed version, but is also loaded with bonuses––more than 150 historical books, guides, and pamphlets from several private, public, and military libraries. There is more than 600 megabytes of bonus materials on the CD-Rom!
No matter your learning style, there’s a version of Making the Best of Basics just for you. Make your selection now!

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