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About the next mission

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We were in Armenia twice in 2004, and from May 15 to July 15 in 2005. In 2004 we assisted 64 families in 8 villages. In 2005 we traveled to 5 villages and assisted about 200 families - both times to grow much better and more productive gardens. However, there is still much that needs to be done to effect substantive long-term change and improvement for many more people in Armenia as well as neighboring, Turkey.

Based on 40 years’ experience in 31 countries, we feel strongly that the best way to effect the real improvement we are seeking is by properly and thoroughly training leaders from participating villages in a single central location, and then assisting them apply what they've learned as leaders in their own villages.

To accomplish this, we have purchased a teaching facility with a 3 acre parcel of ground. We've prepared a large room sufficient to accommodate 25 people, and we've had a 20' X 40' seedling greenhouse built to our specifications. The greenhouse still needs to be covered with 6 mil Greenhouse Plastic or dual-wall Polycarbonate panels - depending on availability of funding.

We will invite the best participants from the villages we assisted in both 2004 and 2005 to attend a training program for 10 weeks, 4 days each week and 7 hours per day, with 2 hours in the classroom and 5 hours in the garden/greenhouse each day. We will also invite participants from villages just across the border in Turkey.

During two other days of the week we will visit students' home gardens to assist each of them reproduce what they are learning. Based on past experience we are confident this process will expand our effectiveness many fold. After the 10 week class we will then spend 6 days each week for another 10 weeks, assisting student graduates implement the procedures in their own gardens as well as teach them to other village families.

The Foundation is in a unique position to make a long-term difference for good in the lives of the people of not just Armenia, but Turkey as well. Let me explain.

What we are doing will begin small, but the long-term implications we believe may be profound.
The building and 3 acres of land we have acquired are in Getk, Armenia, less than 2 miles from the Turkish border, and about ¼ mile from the rail line. This rail line represents the only land link between Armenia and its trading partners, and it is currently useless and rusting, because the border with Turkey is closed.

We are establishing a non-profit Training Center for family-based food production at this location by March 1, 2006, with a 20’ X 40’ seedling greenhouse, demonstration gardens, and classroom/teaching facilities, with a large room sufficient to accommodate 25-30 people. We will teach people from surrounding villages the world's best family-based growing procedures in a 10-week intensive training program.

The methods we teach have been successful in substantially increasing family garden yields in many countries throughout the world. In the Russian Commonwealth countries it is reported that this method of growing food is the most productive and popular method in many regions of those countries. .


James B. Kennard, President


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